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From the London Borough of Hounslow.

14th March 2006 Parking Scheme Information - Update.
9th July 2003 Yet another planning application for the penthouses
28th November 2002 West Chiswick propsed parking scheme. You've got till December 20th to make comments.
Exact streets.
5th September 2002 Propsed London Stile and Askew Estates Conservation Area, Thorney Hedge Conservation Area, And Extensions to Turnham Green Conservation area. (MJP/WCCAS/1)
3rd September 2002 Chiswick Area Committee - 3 September 2002
Proposed designation of Thorney Hedge Conservation Aare and London Stile and Askew Estates Conservation Area. Proposed extension to Turnham Green Conservation Area. Report by: Borough Planning Officer
4th July 2001 Announcement of the appeal against the refusal of planning permission for the 14 penthouses. (6th March below)
3rd April 2001 Installation of telecommunications equipment comprising of 6 antennae, 4 dishes to roof of existing building and equipment at ground level.
6th March 2001 (scanned papers)

6th March 2001 (text version)
Full report of the refusal of planning permission for the 14 penthouses. This was the second attempt at gaining planning permission. (See 4th July 2001)

Summary can be found here.

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