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Agust 5th 2003 -
Local resident Roger Bunn is profiled in a new free paper "The Chiwick"


21st October 2001
Final rejection of the planning application for the Penthouses.

3rd October 2001
Rejection of planning appeal for penthouses by the Secretary of State.

16th January 2001
Solo Estates bids to encourage support for the penthouses from Chiswick Village Residents.This is a PDF file

(See the London Borough of Hounslow page for more on the Penthouses story.)



Personal observations:
From Roger Bunn

Mitch Mitchell from the Hendrix Experience stayed here in 1984ish, also Mike Williams.


11th July 1974
Housing battle taken to court.

17th July 1975
Tenants win "test case" court battle.

19th February 1976
"I'll stay put" says sacked porter.


Personal observations:
From Steve Cane
"I lived at 113 Chiswick Village from 1959 to 1969.
My aunt and her family lived at 114 from 1959 to about 1961.

The things I remember were:
The unreliable lift which regularly broke down.
The caretaker, Mr Keighley, who didn't allow us to play football on the green (which was covered in dog's muck in any case!).
The Dunlop family who were residents - (including daughter Lesley, the TV actress).
The Woodward family who were residents - including actors Tim and Edward.
Walking back from cubs along the railway line under the dark bridge with no lighting - scary!"

29th July 1960
Flats want post boxes.

15th February 1963
Impact of increasing rents

19th April 1963
Council: No Power Say Flat Owners


Personal observations:
Mr Harold Lewis Mann writes about Chiswick in 1952.
Mr Mann may have been on the board of Chiswick Library.

7th March 1958
Chiswick Village Tenants Forms a Tenants' Association.

15th August 1958
Landlord help flats tenants.

24th December 1958
Americans know way to luxury flats.

20th February 1959
Empty flats in Chiswick Village


23rd February 1940
Chiswick Village. Residents and Protection Association: Air Raid Shelter


1937 - Chiswick Village appears in the Brentford & Chiswick Official Guide

1935 - "Chiswick Court Gardens" makes its first public apperance.
Plans go on display at the Royal Academy in London.

Original Advertising.

Chiswick Village was designed by architect Mr. Charles Evelyn Simmons.

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