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The things you need to know about
living Chiswick Village.

Emergency Numbers.
Police: 020 8577 1212 Electricity: 0345 708090
Lift: 020 8305 0927 Gas: 0800 111999
Local Authority Noise Department: 020 8583 5555
Out of Hours Service (Thursday, Friday and Saturday night 10pm to 4am) Phone: 020 8583 2000.

Heathrow Airport - Noise Line Phone: BAA Ltd. 0800 344844

These items are taken from some information provided by CVRL and a few bits that I've added. Please refer to your individual Lease as there may be specific items that differ. There are, apparently, a number of different Leases within the Village. Also, there are a whole load of issues that have been written about by the Directors of CVRL. You can read that document as a PDF file here. Its style is more than a little short and it doesn't really reflect the tone of life in the Village, rather it reads as if its been written by someone who wants to have the sound of Authority.

If you'd like to add to the items below do email me martin@chiswickvillage-w4.co.uk


Bicycles. Heating. Recycling.
Caretaker. Lifts. Rubbish Bags.
Central Green. Noise. Security.
Car Parking Ownership and Management.  
Fire. Post.  

Bicycles.There are, as yet, no facilities for the secure storage of bicycles in Chiswick Village except in your own home. Neither are there any places for family or friends to secure bicycles to when visiting. Warning: bicycles have been stolen from balconies - on the first floor! (that's the second floor if you are American)

This is Ray Turnbull - he lives at #10. He is on duty between 9am and 5pm . If you're not sure about something then Ray is likely to know.

Car Parking.
This is the bane of living in Chiswick Village. In 1935 when the Village was built there were few private cars. Now almost every home has probably two. In short there is too little road space for too many cars, but then what's new ? Well, for those drivers with little sight there actually TWO yellow lines around the Central Green. This means NO PARKING AT ANY TIME. Parking your car next to one which is on these yellow lines fools no one and is dangerous.

I am holding my breath for the first death to be caused by either a fire engine or ambulance being unable to get to those who need it because of selfishly parked car. If you have a car park permit then please use the space that you've paid £180 for or park outside the Village until a space becomes available. Its a tough life if you have to walk 5 minutes to your car but that's life. Live with it.

If you see a car that looks like its been abandoned by the side of another car then do call the police. If enough cars get towed away then maybe our environment and safety will improve a bit.

Central Green.
CVRL says that - "Adult sports, games and ball games, in particular football, rugby and golf are not permitted. Leisure activities by small children are acceptable. Cycling is not permitted. Dogs are not permitted." - which seems fairly extensive.

Landings, hallways and exits MUST be kept clear of obstructions such as bicycles, furniture, rubbish bags and any other items or people that you've decided have become surplus to your requirements. The access doors to the flat roofs are locked on a permanent basis. They are NOT a fire escape. Fire extinguishers are located on the common landings. Fire / smoke alarms in your own home would be a really good idea as well, both for you and your friendly neighbours.

There is a long and rather tedious history to the bizarre system that provides our heat. Suffice it to say that hot water is available all year round. The hot water that is supplied to your radiators is switched on October 1st and switched off April 1st. If the temperature of your water drops at any time then immediately Ray Turnbull. He'll get on to it right away. There is talk of servicing the boilers in the summer rather than waiting until they are switched on in October and promptly shut down with the strain - don't hold your breath. I think that the lifts and the hot water system have genes in common.

These are a little elderly and need lots of love and attention - and a good clean every now and again. Given the job of moving heavy items such as building equipment and / or heavy supplies they will probably go into a sulk and refuse to budge. Be gentle with them. This includes CLOSING THE DOORS after you have used them as in some cases these are manual and not looked after by the lift door fairy.

We do attract rather more than our fair share of leaflet drops. These people want to rush through the Village spreading their little packages of love and happiness as quickly as they can. Closing the lift doors and gates is very low down on their list of priorities. They can be repelled by keeping the front doors locked - see Security below.

There are 280 homes in Chiswick Village. If we estimate an average of three people to a home then there are some 840 people living in our small acre of Paradise. Some of these people are elderly and no doubt some work shift patterns and although Chiswick Village was built before the construction industry worked out how to use tissue paper as a building material - sound will travel.

Musical instruments, singing (!), televisions, radios, telephones or loud discussions should not be heard outside your home. The hours between 10pm and 8am are especially sacred. Please do remember that when you have phone conversations on your balcony the architecture of Chiswick Village ensures that your conversation can be heard by almost everyone in that block - either from their own balcony or through open windows.

In the summer months leaving a phone by an open window means that we all know exactly how many calls you get each day and just how long you keep your callers waiting before you decide to answer it. Please keep phones well inside your home fascinating though your personal life is.

DIY is a a great way to increase the value and quality of your home. However, noises of banging, sawing and drilling will travel right around your block and maybe the whole of the Village as well. Please do not begin noisy work before 8am and finish it at 6pm, Monday to Friday. Please, please no loud and heavy work after lunchtime on Saturday, in fact noisy work between 9am and 1pm only, and not at all on Sunday. If by any chance you find a way to drill anything in to the main walls - do let the rest of us in on your secret........

Parties can be exciting and fun and also one of the best ways to p*** off your neighbours. Please let those around you know well in advance, this means 5 to 7 days, if you intend to have a load of friends around. This will allow them to make other arrangements - like going out.

If you have a problem with noisy parties then call the
Local Authority Noise Department: 020 8583 5555
Out of Hours Service (Thursday, Friday and Saturday night 10pm to 4am)
Phone: 020 8583 2000.

Ownership and Management.
The freeholder and landlord of Chiswick Village is Chiswick Village Residents Limited. The estate is managed by:
Michael Richards & Co,
The Power House,
1 Linkfield Road,

Tel: (08444) 773223 -

Fax: (08444) 773226

eMail: adam@michaelrichards.uk.com Use the Forum to let everyone know how you get on.

Our local postman used to be Barry. Now it seems to change every few days or so.......

There are, apparently, recycling bins at the "south entrance to Chiswick Village" - that's the end closest to the river by the bridge over the railway. Last time I saw them they were tucked well away at the back. Use the Forum to let others know if they are easy to use. Despite being here since 1935, that's nearly 70 Christmases since, no one has got around to having a central collecting point for re-cycling Christmas trees. "Dear Santa............"

Rubbish Bags.
These are collected every day between 6.30am and 9.30am from outside your front door Monday to Frday only. We had a small fire caused by a smoldering bag once so please don't leave them out overnight. They can also smell badly as well so do tie them up tight and ensure that there are no splits or tears in them.Index

We have both locks on all the doors and entry phones for a good reason - safety. Do use them. Sometimes people will leave doors "on the latch" while they do a job and forget to replace the lock when they have finished. Please, always remember to put the lock back on.
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