Chiswick Village Residents Group: Circular 10th October 2002

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Chiswick Village Residents Group Circular

To all Chiswick Village Leaseholders and Residents: 10 October 2002 No. 2

Following our last circular of the 8 May 2002, in which we canvassed residents’ views on both the proposed service charge increase and their support to set up a recognised Residents Association, we are pleased to announce that the board of CVRL (Chiswick Village Residents Ltd) have agreed to support the formation of a legally recognised Residents Association.

Next stage
We write to you now following the success of the proposal of works that was put forward to the board of CVRL in September. We want to ascertain your views on our works proposal and hope that like us, you feel this is a useful starting point for a planned future for the betterment of Chiswick Village.

Works Proposal
We felt that the works generally carried out in Chiswick Village are of a reactive nature rather than a proactive and preventative nature and we aimed to address this point in the proposal.

As a result of consultations with Alex Dickson, the company secretary of CVRL and managing agent of the estate, we provisionally estimated the costs required to complete the works needed in the Village on top of those listed in the original ‘Section 20’ notice, dated 19 April 2002, received by all residents & leaseholders. Examples of these extra items would be replacing the lifts or re-roofing the blocks.

Our solution to the realities of the large costs involved is a planned ten-year cycle of works with a clear prioritisation of works to be done. This means the costs are spread to a more acceptable level. In addition to this, we found during the investigation that a large percentage of the annual general maintenance budget of £50,000 is made up of numerous smaller invoices relating to water damage and roofing problems. These problems will diminish once a preventative works cycle is established thus reducing the burden on the general maintenance budget and freeing up funds to be allocated to other projects over the ten-year cycle.

Our view is that a long-term works programme containing a maintenance component that is substantially utilised for preventative maintenance, can be implemented with a smaller sustained service charge increase as opposed to a one-off increase as demanded in the ‘Section 20’ notice. We feel that our proposal is equitable, as we do not believe that the present residents should have to take the full burden of paying immediately for facilities that all future residents of Chiswick Village would benefit from. With our proposal we will be able to see tangible benefits come to fruition in gradual steps.

Through discussions, the board agreed with our proposals and an increase of 2 % of the service charge for this financial year was negotiated. This increase allows the completion of the urgent external pointing funding as requested under the ‘Section 20’ notice.

We have published our proposals on the Chiswick Village website: The website was re-launched at the end of August and has a separate section for the Chiswick Village Residents Group which will hopefully soon become the Chiswick Village Residents Association. We would ask all residents who have an email address to sign up to the forum on the website so as to express their views and to kept abreast of all developments.

Transformation into Chiswick Village Residents Association
We are delighted to say that the board of CVRL have volunteered to send out a letter from our group to all leaseholders outlining our reasons for forming a Residents Association. The board have also said that they will send a covering note outlining their support for the formation of a Residents Association and to ask in turn for the support of the leaseholders. The leaseholders votes matter hugely, as only they can vote on the transformation motion.

Planning Application for flats
We plan to address this issue shortly, gathering all views, in the meantime please look on the website for a history of the last planning application. We shall be in touch on this in the very near future.

We also hope to publish on the website a copy of our letter being sent to all leaseholders, all minutes of our meetings as well as details of the group email. We also actively encourage people to use the discussion forum set up on the website to air your views on our proposals. We hope to distribute our next circular within a few weeks.

Should anyone wish to contact the group, you can do so via the website.

Our thanks for your support,

Wayne, Shane, Paul, John, Lorna, Alan, Will, Sue and Sarah

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