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A Web Site About
Chiswick Village

For those of us who have lived in Chiswick Village for a number of years the chance to develop a real community has been dream. For years we lived with a non-existent heating system and a non-existent landlord. Then we had a few years of turmoil with some residents fighting a battle with both the then landlords and each other.

Its all been a bit of a mess. For my part I kept out of the legal battles process. I was involved with a Chiswick Village residents group some years ago that organised a Village clean up and party on the central green. Its direction then changed and new members went on and to win the right for lessees to own Chiswick Village.

Now we have homes that are rising to a financial level that they should have been at ages ago and all kinds of families are making their home here.

"In this estate we believe we have achieved the lowest-rented accommodation in London in the way of luxury family flats offering all the modern conveniences. Constant Hot Water, Uniformed Porters, Commodious Larders and all from £60 per annum." - People's Housing Corporation Ltd.1935.

Chiswick Village

What you will find on this site are a number of different pages of information about Chiswick Village both past and present. You will also find a Yahoo forum that I hope will help to keep residents in contact with each other and up to date with the goings on around the place.

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I I hope that you find this site useful and enjoy it - either way do let me know.
Martin Weaver #13

Never, in the past 15 years or so have so many homes here changed hands so many times or at such a great value. And it looks as though prices are still going up. So, what of our future?

A way of keeping in touch that everyone who wants to can use to keep in contact – a shared resource. There are a number of items that we need to know about from; the new proposal for the penthouses, the car parks, the new houses, that interminable hot water system, what ever happened to the proposed Pinnacle Tower?, the up keep of the greenery and many other issues that only you know about.

I'd like a 20 year plan for the Village. Rather than complain about what we don't want, how about a constructive plan for our present and future home?

A bit about Chiswick Village.

Chiswick Village was built in 1935 and financed by the People's Housing Corporation. It was designed by architect Mr Charles Evelyn Simmons F.R.I.B.A. (1879 - 1952). Its had a number of owners in its lifetime and I think its farir to say that without exception the owners have taken a short term view of Chiswick Village.

From time to time planning applications are put forward and a letter comes from the London Borough of Hounslow that advises of such applicaitons. Some of these letters can be found here.

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Who's in charge ?

Chiswick Village Resident's Limited

Chiswick Village Resident's Limited is the legal body that owns Chiswick Village. It is made up of the leasees i.e. those people who own thier flat and who have taken out one of the new 999 year leases. With this came a share in company CVRL. There is a board of Directors who take the decisions on how the money is spent and on how life in Chiswick Village is regulated.

There used to be managing agents called Wilmotts. However, the directors now employ the Company Secretary Alex Dickson to do this task.

Chiswick Village Resident's Group

Chiswick Village Resident's Group a new group being made up of people who live in Chiswick Village. These residents are renting their flat, in the process of buying it or already have a lease. Its also possible that there may be sub-letting going on in Chiswick Village as well. But I couldn't comment on that.

This site was created on Monday March 19th 2001.
This format in August 2002

This site is created and owned by Martin Weaver, a resident of Chiswick Village.


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